Hot Chocolate Run 5K, 2018

I realized, while writing my last post, that I had not reported on my 2018 Hot Chocolate Run, which was on Sunday, December 2.  So here goes….
It was raining, not a downpour, but not sprinkles either.  So while I’ve lost over 30 pounds since last year’s race, I think I carried a lot of that weight in water at the race.  So that’s why runners wear those ridiculous thin ponchos – and they were giving them out at the race.  Doh!
But the race was still fun and I was not uncomfortable while I was running.  It was just when the race was over that between sweat and rain I was wandering around completely soaked in the 37 degree weather.  And the mugs are cold when they hand them out, so the hot chocolate is mainly warming in theory.
My time was very good, for me.  The first year my time per mile was 13:39.  The second year it was 13:31.  An 8-second per mile improvement.  This year it was – wait for it – 11:07 per mile.  Pretty slow for a lot of people, but I’ll take a 2 minute, 24 second improvement.  (As long as I can do that kind of improvement again next year.)
I, as well as everyone else, have always seen me as a complete snail.  When Jim and I went to Siena on a side trip during our honeymoon 25 years ago, I naturally identified with the section of town associated with the snail and we bought me a mug to commemorate that.  Will running make me have to choose a different patron animal?  Here is a photo of my life in mugs:


Anyway, here are some shots Jim took of me after the race.  I was very happy with my time and very exhilarated – all day, actually!  That thing about endorphins is true!
The results from the results truck:
See that big white box in the truck?  That’s the hot chocolate being piped to dispensers under the tent.
You can’t really see how drenched I was in these pictures.  I could have wrung out every item of clothing from hat to shoes.  The hat in particular was like a sponge.
And see that low number on my bib?  That’s because I raised a bunch of money, thanks to my wonderful friends and family who donated.  The number is 54 because about a week before the race I was the 54th highest individual fundraiser, and I raised over $100 after that.  And it all goes to a really great organization giving much-needed help, Safe Passage.
And I love Hilary Price‘s artwork for this year, seen on the mug above and on the t-shirt given to those who raise at least $500.

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